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Our Rescues

We’re particularly proud of our rescue dogs and will always keep at least one space for a rescue to live out the rest of their days happily. We do, however, advise anyone contemplating taking on a rescue dog to think very carefully beforehand. They may come with baggage that isn’t always apparent at first, and often require a great deal of time and patience if they’re to become civilised family members.

If you do feel that this is something you can cope with, rescuing can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Whippet Puppies for Sale Northumberland

Pip and Scampi

Whippet Puppies for Sale Northumberland

We like to keep space for at least 1 rescue dog at Gazenorth, and we currently have 2:


Pip rules the roost with a rod of iron. She came to us as a puppy after making it clear to her previous owners that her dominant personality might cause a few problems. Through firm handling and a great deal of perseverance, she has become a good citizen (although she still keeps us on our toes!)


Originally a street dog on the kill list at the infamous Boldesti shelter, Romania, we agreed to foster Scampi temporarily. After living with us for a few months however, she totally seduced us and has now taken up permanent residence here. Scampi is very wary of strangers and has a protective streak but has fitted in well despite this.

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